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Our Mission

To facilitate the development and growth of choral music programs in Steamboat Springs and surrounding communities.

Our Vision

  • To provide leadership for the advancement of the choral programs in the Yampa Valley
  • To provide administrative and support services for established and emerging vocal groups
  • To solicit, receive and disburse donations and grants for all YVCS programs
  • To identify partnerships to sustain the ongoing efforts of YVCS and the choral arts in the Yampa Valley
  • To facilitate collaboration between the YVCS and other arts and nonprofit organizations in the area
  • To share artistic, music and equipment resources

Our Choirs

  • The Yampa Valley Singers
  • The Steamboat Chamber Singers
  • Bella Voce
  • Lincoln Avenue: Men’s Chorus
  • The Sweet Columbines: Ladies’ Barbershop Quartet
  • The Steamboat Festival Chorus

Board of Directors

President: Joseph Peter Becker
Vice-President: Lucy Middleton
Secretary: Ruth McClelland
Treasurer: Pat McClelland
Directors-at-Large: Gerry Audesirk, and Brian Weerts
Choral Director: Christel Houston
Program Coordinator: Sharon Smith


The Yampa Valley Choral Society relies on three streams of income to sustain and grow our programs: participant fees; ticket sales; and gifts from patrons like you. Our costs include: Stipends for Choral Directors and Rehearsal Accompanists; the ongoing purchase of music (we are copyright compliant, and we would like to build up a choral library that we can draw on for years to come); printing of programs, tickets and promotional material; and the purchase of materials and equipment, such as folders and risers.

Some companies match employee and retiree gifts to charitable organizations. The Yampa Valley Choral Society has received matching gifts from IBM and Bristol-Myers Squibb, but smaller companies may also offer this benefit. If you’re making a gift, please consider asking your employer if they have a matching contribution benefit!

Your donation of any amount is appreciated and is tax deductible to the full extent of the IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization Law.

Please note the YVCS FEIN #45-4333279 for your record of contribution.

Suggested Donation Levels

  • Movendo $1,500
    • Quicken the pace of the development of programming and production offerings of YVCS
    • Recognition in all individual group concert programs, in YVCS annual publications, and on website
  • Forte $500
    • Express – loudly! – your support of YVCS
    • Recognition in YVCS annual publications and on website
  • Crescendo $250
    • Accelerate the programs and operations of YVCS
    • Recognition in YVCS annual publications and on website
  • Dolce $50
    • Lay the foundation of the YVCS and help keep the vocal arts accessible to all residents of the Yampa Valley
  • Other $____ (fill in amount)